If you have arrived here by some path that doesn't include knowing me personally, or well, you might be curious to know a little bit about me. If not, you might want to click off somewhere else, because the whole site is pretty much about me in some way.

I founded an independent game studio, were I am incubating a Massive Multiplayer Online Game called Red Frontier. The game is based on the concept of human expansion to, and colonization of, Mars. As an independent developer with a limited budget I am always looking for people that share my excitement for this concept. If you share my enthusiasm for this sort of game and would like to expand your portfolio by contributing in some way please get in touch.

listackr is web application designed to allow its users to create wish lists or shopping lists based on the content of any ecommerce site. I began development on this based on a comment from the folks that run Child's Play. They noted that they had trouble fulfilling specific console or game requests for hospitals outside of the United States due to the lack of a wish list tools on the most popular ecommerce sites in those areas. While I invite my visitors to look at the application (and give feedback), the site is currently in alpha development and may not be consistent. Check back soon for a more stable beta release!

A serial entrepreneur, I took a hobby of collecting vintage board games and turned it into a refurbishment and resale business called Recycled Board Games. Not only is it an eco-friendly "green" business, but 10% of sales are donated to Child's Play.

I am a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. I spent 10 years on active duty, working as a Fire Control Technician, LAN Administrator and Instructor. I am a qualified Submariner, having served on the USS Alabama and the USS Houston. I earned my designation as Master Training Specialist while serving at the Center for Information Dominance Learning Site in Yokosuka, Japan. I transitioned to the reserves in 2011 and have since served with Naval Security Forces, Okinawa and Expeditionary Maintenance Detachment "D" at the Navy Operational Support Command in Denver, Colorado. As President Emeritus I proudly serve the NOSC Denver Chief Petty Officers Association.

I've mentioned Child's Play a couple times now. This is an amazing charity that donates game consoles and games to Children's Hospitals around the world. I was fortunate to be able to support two of their significant charity events in 2012, the Second Annual Child's Play Invitational Golf Tournament at the Angeles National Golf Club in Sunland, CA as well as the Child's Play Dinner Auction Seattle, WA.

I work with the Penny Arcade Expo, having served as an Exhibitor Assistant during both PAX East and Prime in 2012. The show is largely run by an amazing group of volunteers (or [ENFORCERS], for those of you in the know). I am proud to be associated with them, and presently serve as a member of the Enforcer Safety Circle.

I am a geek. I earned the title in my youth, and maintain it today despite the fact that most things geek culture have now become mainstream. I love video games, card games, board games, pretty much any kind of game. I play less than I would like, but probably still more than I should. I enjoy all things Science Fiction with a penchant for anything related to Mars or time travel. I maintain a healthy fear of the zombie apocalypse.

As is the standard, the buttons up top will generally take you to the available content. If you came here looking for something in particular and you can not find it please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll do what I can to help.

Some areas of the site collect very detailed information about my personal and professional life. While I enjoy sharing that information with my family, friends and colleagues, I don't think it's appropriate to leave it just laying around on the internet, as such those areas are password protected. If you fall into one of the categories listed and you don't have (or forgot) the information you need to access those areas just drop me an email and I'll get you what you need.

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